Thursday, September 24, 2009


Wow, it has been forever since my last post. I have been so busy, Chris and I got new callings and have been super busy. The best part about getting our called was that Chris had heard days earlier from a little bird, Jeremy, that it was very likely I was going to be called as Young Women President. So when the executive secretary called him and asked if the bishop could meet with us on Sunday, naturally, Chris assumed it was because I was going to be called. Well when we met with the bishop, Chris was on fire, cool and confident, telling jokes right and left about how awesome and perfect he was and how much I need to learn from him. In the midst of Chris's bantering the bishop says, "Well it's so great that you are so perfect, because we would like to call you to be the ward mission leader." His expression went from absolute certainty to complete bewilderment with in a matter of seconds. One of those moments you wish cameras were appropriate, and that you actually carried a camera in your purse, but alas there is no photographic evidence of this Kodak moment....just take my word for it, it was very funny. Of course after that I assumed I no longer had to worry, but boy was I wrong, the next week I was called to be Young Women President. The moral of this story is never make assumptions, because, it is very likely that you are wrong.