Friday, October 16, 2009

Go Chris!

Disclaimer: If you're not in the mood for some serious bragging, don't read on.

But, you're most likely wondering right now if Chris is a big deal? Well, He is....and if you're thinking, "Carree, why is he such a big deal?" Well, I can tell you...first because people know him and secondly, he not only graduates in a little over two months, he has a job as soon as he graduates!!! Phew, what a relief, but when you're married to a man with the mad skills like his, need I expect any less?
No, but seriously we're super excited! Not to get too corny but I am really proud of him. The forms are all signed and on Dec. 21st Chris starts at Performance Software as a real grown up, okay, so "Real Grown Up" wont be his job title, but you have to admit it would be pretty funny if it was. Wow I think I'm funny, don't worry I am fully aware that I am a dork :) ...don't be jealous. Chris, just think only a few more weeks and you're done. Yay!!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Wow, it has been forever since my last post. I have been so busy, Chris and I got new callings and have been super busy. The best part about getting our called was that Chris had heard days earlier from a little bird, Jeremy, that it was very likely I was going to be called as Young Women President. So when the executive secretary called him and asked if the bishop could meet with us on Sunday, naturally, Chris assumed it was because I was going to be called. Well when we met with the bishop, Chris was on fire, cool and confident, telling jokes right and left about how awesome and perfect he was and how much I need to learn from him. In the midst of Chris's bantering the bishop says, "Well it's so great that you are so perfect, because we would like to call you to be the ward mission leader." His expression went from absolute certainty to complete bewilderment with in a matter of seconds. One of those moments you wish cameras were appropriate, and that you actually carried a camera in your purse, but alas there is no photographic evidence of this Kodak moment....just take my word for it, it was very funny. Of course after that I assumed I no longer had to worry, but boy was I wrong, the next week I was called to be Young Women President. The moral of this story is never make assumptions, because, it is very likely that you are wrong.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

NEVER try to hug a porcupine

No matter how cute or cuddly they may look, a porcupine is a porcupine, you hug porcupine and you will get poked.
-Words of wisdom from my dear sister

Sunday, May 31, 2009

It's been so long...

Well life has been craz-a-y busy these days, obviously, I haven't written in ages! I just haven't had anything funny happen lately and in my mind if you don't have anything funny or clever to say don't say anything at all, ha ha just kidding! I wish the only things that came out of this mouth were clever or funny, wouldn't it be nice?

Okay over the last little while we:

1.Went to Parker, CO to visit Meesa, Trev, Carter and Avry, it was super fun weekend. I did manage to get car sick and the first day and ended up spuing on the side of the road, we had to pull off the road for like 15 minutes... it was super smooth and not embarrassing at all. You're probably saying to yourself right now, "whatev' that would be humiliating" and if you are, you'd be right... to say I was mortified would be an understatement and yet I am posting it in my blog. I just can't help but write embarrassing things's an addiction. I think I was embarrassed b/c it was my first time visiting Mees and Trev and on the first day I got sick and not just that I had to throw up. Needless to say after chillaxin' at the side of the road for a few. We piled back in the car and drove, really slowly, back to their house. Where Mees and I watched a chick was a super productive day. The days that followed were great and we had a blast going to Castle Rock Canyon, which is beautiful and defiantly worth visiting. The weather was amazing! I miss cooler climates. We also got to go to a few open houses, which is one of my fav. things to do and got some great decorating ideas. All and all it was a great weekend, we just loved getting to see the them and chillaxin' for a few. Before Chris starts his summer semester and life starts getting really hectic.

2. Chris finished his spring semester at ASU. We've been enjoying having more time to spend together and are really looking forward to having him graduate in December...don't be jealous! He starts summer semester on Tuesday so the break between semesters wasn't nearly long enough. But at least we only have to worry about that for a little while longer.

3. I have started a work out group with a few friends and they come over at 6:30am Mon-Sat and do P90X workouts with me, it's great! I love having people that are willing to come and do the workouts with me. Otherwise, if I am by myself I don't push myself as hard, it's a inconvenient truth about me, I have to be honest if I am not in competition with someone, than I just don't give my all, so my friends and I are in a competition but they don't know about it and I'm winning...ha ha let's just have that be our little secret. But I am super happy to have friends willing to come and workout with me, it's so great.

4. Our ward has changed a lot in the last little bit, I got a new calling as the 2nd Counselor in the Young Women's Presidency and I love it! The girls are great and the other leaders I serve with are amazing. Chris is in the secretary in the Elders quorum presidency and the President was recently called to serve in the Bishopric so Chris has been a little more busy, because of it.

5. Chris had a review at work this last week and got some great feedback from his Manager, they really love him there and told him that he has a position as an intern straight through until graduation! Go Chris, they also were hinting that they will most likely offer him a full time position after graduation, so finger crossed he'll get a job with them. He really enjoys working for their company and loves the people he works with so we are hopeful that he will be offered a job their!

Well that's our last month or so in a very large nut shell. Peace out.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Confessions of a Clean Freak

Over the weekend I was "reunited and it feels so good..." with an old friend and it was magical. Last week while talking to my sister, Shannon, on the phone she told me to clean my floor with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, something I had never thought of using it to clean the floor before. When I went to buy the erasers I actually found a Magic Eraser Mop! That's right a mop that is sure to meet any clean freaks wildest moping dreams, I didn't even realize that it was a Magic Eraser Mop until I was at the Cash register, I think that the Cashier thought I was so weird because I couldn't hide my excitement. So I started cleaning with the magic eraser mop, I was amazed at how it made my floor shine. It was really life changing, but the mop wasn't enough for me so I got on my hands and knees and re moped with the magic eraser sponge, I had totally forgot how awesome this white little sponge is. Anyone who knows me knows that I love to clean and so once I started I couldn't stop. What started out as a floor mopping adventure became several hours of cleaning all the baseboards, doors, walls, cupboards and pretty much anything that was in our apartment. If you're thinking that this took a lot magic erasers, then you'd be right, I actually sent Chris to Walmart to buy reinforcements, I went through an entire box...that's right four magic erasers and that's not all Chris bought me all the boxes that were left and I went through one more Heavy Duty one and 2 more regular ones. It's crazy to think that I forgot how wonderful they are. I felt so satisfied when I was done, I finally felt like I could sit and relax without thinking about the baseboards needing attention or that the floor just never shined like I wanted it to. Needless to say I was reunited with a old friend and it defiantly felt so good!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

blah, blah, blah.

Life around here has been cra-za-y the last couple of weeks, it seems like I never have time to post anything :(

Over the weekend we traveled down to St. George for my neice, Alli's baptism. It was such a special couple of days. My neice is an old soul, at times she seems to understand things way beyond her years, and the gospel is one of them. It was a very Special weekend for all of us to see her make the right desicion. I was extremly happy we were able to drive down, but it seemed wayyyy to short, a day and a half is never long enough.

Other than that we are just really busy with work and Chris with school, our life is just not that exciting these days...about the most exciting thing that happens here is the weekly episodes of Lost and 24. We are such dorks...haha

Monday, February 9, 2009

Blue Light Special

Well we went to Flagstaff on Saturday and Sunday it was a blast. We were so stoked to have a little weekend get away, thanks to Tim, the CEO at Performance Software, we didn't have to pay for our room which was awesome.

On Saturday night we met up for the cocktail hour before our dinner, they gave out awards and Chris got an award "The Blue Light Special 2008" they gave him an engraved thumb drive, it was hilarious, go Chris, way to be a good intern and cheap labor for them! After the awards they had a raffle and are table was so lucky, we all won something, it was super fun. We got a nice performance software jacket.

On Saturday we woke up to 6 inches of snow and it was beautiful, since we didn't want to rush back home in the snowy weather we decided to check out Sunset Crater and Wupatki Pueblo ruins it was so fun. When we went to the visiting center their was this family there and they were Danish I heard them speaking and I just had to talk to them, so I was a bit nervous but I went over and tried to spark up a conversation, I told them I lived in DK and heard them speaking Danish and I had to come over and talk to them, I guess I forgot that Danes can sometimes be more closed and reserved than Americans and The converstation was extremely short and I was so embarrassed because they weren't very friendly. But hey at least I got to speak Danish for like two seconds and I got a small reminder of what it felt like sometimes as a missionary there, trying to talk to people on the street. Anyway after my brief encounter with the Danes we were on our way to check out the National Park. We had a blast visiting the ruins and the volcano, it was a great weekend!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Life or something like it

Life has been so busy the last couple of weeks, Chris is counting down the days for the semester to be over...if you're asking yourself, "didn't the semester just start?", the answer is yes, yes it did. But I can't blame is a drag. I have been busy with projects at work and also from Church, I don't think I am alone when I say that there are just not enough hours in the day. These days there is always something that has to be put on the back burner, today it was my hair...I look like I just got back from the gym, I hate when I don't have time to get ready, but at least the dishes are done. Tomorrow we will be going to Flagstaff for a retreat put on by the CEO of Performance Software, Chris' employer, It will be fun we're staying overnight at a hotel and we get a free dinner out of it so we can't complain. Chris is pretty excited to have me meet all of his work buddies, and I will finally be able to put faces to the names I hear all the time.

Our new obsession is Lost, but honestly, can you blame us? It's such a fun show to watch and we are kind of dorks about it...well Chris is...haha, he comes home some days telling me all of this deep stuff that he read online about the plot and I eat it up. I just am so glad that Jin's alive...Chris had told me that he didn't die and I was so glad that it was true and it's so crazy that he is with Russo, when she first came to the island OMG it's some crazy stuff! It's so sad that I just wrote a paragraph about a TV show, but I am not going to lie I love it. I even requested that our enrichment committee meetings were moved from Wednesday night to Tuesday night so I wouldn't miss Lost, pathetic, I know. Anyway now that I have revealed a another dorky side of me it's time for me to go.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

wow time flies

So I can't believe it's been five weeks since I posted a time flies. So much has happened in the last 5 weeks. Chris and I celebrated our one year anniversary on the 5th, I can hardly believe it's been a year. Last weekend was so fun Meesa, Trev, Carter and Avery came to town and we took Friday off to spend the day with them, it was super fun...don't be jealous. Today we are spending the day with Mario it's been way fun, we had a blast bowling and I was able to show my mad bowling skills, my top score was 92...that's right...I rocked it. Chris and Mario had similar top scores, needless to say none of us are going to quit our day jobs to become pro bowlers. Then it was on to Costco for the $1.50 hot dog and drink combo and of course we had to peruse costco for samples. After our adventure in Costco we came back home so Mario and Chris could play some Smash Brothers, but I opted out of playing, because my smash skills would far surpass theirs and I don't want to hurt their egos....just kidding I suck at smash. I am all about Guitar Hero, I don't know how to say this...but I'm a big deal, people know me.