Tuesday, March 3, 2009

blah, blah, blah.

Life around here has been cra-za-y the last couple of weeks, it seems like I never have time to post anything :(

Over the weekend we traveled down to St. George for my neice, Alli's baptism. It was such a special couple of days. My neice is an old soul, at times she seems to understand things way beyond her years, and the gospel is one of them. It was a very Special weekend for all of us to see her make the right desicion. I was extremly happy we were able to drive down, but it seemed wayyyy to short, a day and a half is never long enough.

Other than that we are just really busy with work and Chris with school, our life is just not that exciting these days...about the most exciting thing that happens here is the weekly episodes of Lost and 24. We are such dorks...haha


Ben and Laura said...

Miss you Carree!

Ashley H said...

I was totally going to call you this weekend and of course the time slipped by and I forgot. We need to get on the same network. I miss talking to you. I am making a plan again to call you this weekend, hopefully I won't forget :) I do remember the P90x. Thanks for doing that, your the best!