Sunday, May 31, 2009

It's been so long...

Well life has been craz-a-y busy these days, obviously, I haven't written in ages! I just haven't had anything funny happen lately and in my mind if you don't have anything funny or clever to say don't say anything at all, ha ha just kidding! I wish the only things that came out of this mouth were clever or funny, wouldn't it be nice?

Okay over the last little while we:

1.Went to Parker, CO to visit Meesa, Trev, Carter and Avry, it was super fun weekend. I did manage to get car sick and the first day and ended up spuing on the side of the road, we had to pull off the road for like 15 minutes... it was super smooth and not embarrassing at all. You're probably saying to yourself right now, "whatev' that would be humiliating" and if you are, you'd be right... to say I was mortified would be an understatement and yet I am posting it in my blog. I just can't help but write embarrassing things's an addiction. I think I was embarrassed b/c it was my first time visiting Mees and Trev and on the first day I got sick and not just that I had to throw up. Needless to say after chillaxin' at the side of the road for a few. We piled back in the car and drove, really slowly, back to their house. Where Mees and I watched a chick was a super productive day. The days that followed were great and we had a blast going to Castle Rock Canyon, which is beautiful and defiantly worth visiting. The weather was amazing! I miss cooler climates. We also got to go to a few open houses, which is one of my fav. things to do and got some great decorating ideas. All and all it was a great weekend, we just loved getting to see the them and chillaxin' for a few. Before Chris starts his summer semester and life starts getting really hectic.

2. Chris finished his spring semester at ASU. We've been enjoying having more time to spend together and are really looking forward to having him graduate in December...don't be jealous! He starts summer semester on Tuesday so the break between semesters wasn't nearly long enough. But at least we only have to worry about that for a little while longer.

3. I have started a work out group with a few friends and they come over at 6:30am Mon-Sat and do P90X workouts with me, it's great! I love having people that are willing to come and do the workouts with me. Otherwise, if I am by myself I don't push myself as hard, it's a inconvenient truth about me, I have to be honest if I am not in competition with someone, than I just don't give my all, so my friends and I are in a competition but they don't know about it and I'm winning...ha ha let's just have that be our little secret. But I am super happy to have friends willing to come and workout with me, it's so great.

4. Our ward has changed a lot in the last little bit, I got a new calling as the 2nd Counselor in the Young Women's Presidency and I love it! The girls are great and the other leaders I serve with are amazing. Chris is in the secretary in the Elders quorum presidency and the President was recently called to serve in the Bishopric so Chris has been a little more busy, because of it.

5. Chris had a review at work this last week and got some great feedback from his Manager, they really love him there and told him that he has a position as an intern straight through until graduation! Go Chris, they also were hinting that they will most likely offer him a full time position after graduation, so finger crossed he'll get a job with them. He really enjoys working for their company and loves the people he works with so we are hopeful that he will be offered a job their!

Well that's our last month or so in a very large nut shell. Peace out.