Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Big Move

Well we finally moved! Our new apartment is so nice, we love it!!! As we were moving one of my friends pointed out that our old apartment looks like a hotel suite...and not in a good way. The master bedroom happened to have the sink and mirror in the bedroom...yes just like a hotel room and off the kitchen there was a tiny wet bar, perfect for if they decide to become a cheap hotel they can put the mini fridge in there, I know totally useless! I am so happy that we don't live there anymore. It is also a scarey complex while Chris and Dallas were moving furniture the cops showed up with a forensic team for the apartment above us, totally cra-za-y. I will try and take picture of that apartment today before I do the walk through with management and post it so you all can see the old one. Moral of the story: don't move to Midtown on Main.

That's all I have for now but I will post more about our new place a bit later.

Vi ses,



B. Surfer said...

I like how you signed it like a journal..."Dear Diary, my apartment use to suck, now it rocks. Sincerely, Anne Frank..." hahha

The Elsberrys said...

Okay so new developements on the forensic unit. I guess the tenant there stabbed someone in her apartment. So glad we moved:)