Monday, November 10, 2008

Tagged again

I am: Sleepy
I know: I am loved
I want: to cuddle with Chris
I have: my blanky
I dislike: when others are unkind
I miss: my family
I feel: gassy
I hear: Chris's Sci-Fi Show
I smell: fresh cold air with a hint of camp fire.
I crave: Cold water
I cry: when I'm sad
I search: craigslist for cool stuff to buy
I wonder: what the future holds
I regret: When I am mean
I love: Time with family and friends
I care: for those I love
I worry: about too much
I remember: having more energy
I believe: in fairies
I dance: when I'm by myself
I don't: have shoes on
I argue: about things I am passionate about
I write: all day long
I win: at almost nothing
I lose: my car keys
I wish: that I had magical powers, ya know like on Bewitched
I listen: NPR
I can usually be found: in my sewing room
I am scared: of cockroaches
I need: to be more motivated to work out.
I forget: how lucky I am.
I am happy: when Chris gets home!
I tag: Ashley Heaton and Johnson, Becca, and Jo


DontYouWishYouWereUS said...

I don't meant to be presumptuous but I am the Becca who is being tagged? I haven't talk to you or seen you in such a long time. we need to play. If you aren't doing anything today call me and we will go do something fun.

Chris and Carree said...

Of course you are!