Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's Chris's Birthday!

It's Chris's birthday! Yay! Hooray! Yippee! I got up super early this morning so that he would wake up to a birthday breakfast, the menu: German pancakes with homemade butter syrup. Well the pancakes were great but the butter syrup...not so much, it tasted exactly like sweetened condensed milk, needless to say we didn't eat the syrup. Then Chris left for work, after I cleaned the kitchen I was super sleepy, if you think I feel asleep for like two hours you'd be right. Now I've got to the store and get everything to make Chris's birthday pie, anyone who knows Chris well, know that fruit pies are his favorite dessert, especially cherry pie. The challenge for me each year is to master a cherry pie recipe. This year I am debating on whether I should do a cherry cheese pie, decisions, decisions. Since Chris and I are working on finals what better way to spend your birthday than eating pie and studying. I just keep reassuring him that in 2012 he wont have finals on his birthday.

Update on the pregnancy, everything is going well, the baby is growing and moving like crazy, it's a lot of fun. In a week and a half we'll have another ultra sound so we'll post pictures. I can't believe how fast the pregnancy is going, I here that the last month is the longest. I have a little over a month to get myself organized and ready for him. I just hope I don't sleep through the nesting period, hahaha, I can't believe how sleepy I am. My morning sickness is back and for some reason it makes me even more tired. Only 46 more days. Yay!!!!


B. Surfer said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ashley H said...

Happy BDay to Chris.

Your pregnancy has been going by fast. You should post pics of your cute belly.

Tami Allred said...

What a sweet wifey you are making a cherry pie during finals. Good luck with your pregnancy. Can't wait to see pics.

Anjalique said...

Whoa! Wait a minute--you're expecting?! I'm a horrible friend. I haven't been in touch lately, obviously! I'm sorry I didn't know--but so excited for you! I did try emailing you recently and I think it was an old address. If you read this, please email me your current contact info. ( Congratulations!!!